Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dividend declared by various Mutual Funds

Dividend declared by various Mutual Funds in last few days.

HDFC Top 200 - Rs. 5 per unit.
Reliance Growth Fund - Rs. 6.5 per unit
Axis Equity Fund -  Rs. 1 per unit

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tax 0n Debt Mutual Funds

Taxes on Debt Mutual Funds currently is

1. If holding period is less then 36 months then Marginal rate applicable to the investor.

2. If holding period is more then 36 months then the Tax is 20% after Indexation as LONG TERM CAPITAL Gains apply.

3. Dividend Distribution Tax on Debt fund is now 28.32%

Monday, December 8, 2014

SIP by SIP ; Square Feet by Square Feet; FINALLY bought a house in south mumbai

South Mumbai is one of the most expensive place in entire India. To buy a real estate in Mumbai will cost a you a fortune. The real estate prices have been rising like crazy for last couple of years and being a Middle class person cant even think of buying a house to stay. Housing loans and EMI are a scary thought.

We had to buy a house and that too in South Mumbai then whats the way out. As they say NECESSITY IS MOTHER OF ALL INVENTION. The thought occur journey of thousand miles start with first step. so I thought to save and put aside 2 square feet worth of money in a Mutual Fund (Ideally to buy 1bhk of 400 sq ft will take 200 months almost 16 years but anyways started a SIP for an amount which was equivalent to 2 square feet at that time.

Now its almost 100 months (near about 8 years )so practically I bought 200 square feet worth of amount but as they say FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE. The amazing that happened markets supported and the appreciation in last one year is more than 50% and the amount comes to nearly 300 square feet and with few borrowed money from relatives and some old jewellery. The Target is achieved way ahead of the time and Finally bought a house in SOUTH MUMBAI. Its such an amazing feeling and confidence builder.

SIP by SIP ; Square Feet by Square Feet ; 


Friday, October 31, 2014

UTI Mastershare declares Dividend for 28th year in a row

UTI Mastershare declares dividend for the 28th year in a row.
Record date for the dividend is 05/11/2014 and the quantum of dividend is Rs. 2.75 per unit.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Android Apps to track Mutual Fund investments through cams and karvy

Nice Android Apps used to track your Mutual Fund Investments made through Karvy basically Investments made in Reliance Mutual Fund, UTI Mutual Fund etc.


Beautiful Android App used to track your Mutual Fund Investments made through Cams basically Investments made in HDFC Mutual Fund, SBI Mutual Fund etc.

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