Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reliance SIP Insurance !

Most of the people do SIP and many of them have ULIPs or traditional LIC policies.

The latest one is the product from reliance stable. Reliance SIP Insurance !
Basically this is an excellent product most of the people would register for an SIP for say 15 year term for Rs. 5000 per month for his daughters marriage. Now if the investor dies after 2 years then in regular SIP, his investment will stop as his earnings is no more. but in "Reliance SIP Insurance" . The rest of the premiums will be paid by the insurance company till the end of the term. so for remaining 13 years the insurance company will pay the installments in place of investor. That is (5000 * 12 * 13 = Rs 7,80,000) will be paid by insurance company.

So investor can have a peace of mind and can secure his financial goals in unforeseen future.

This is really amazing product as the cheapest insurance cover in todays times is TERM INSURANCE, but just that we do not get anything in return from it, at maturity most of the people don't go for it. This will really be a good product as people can take care of there children's future. The best part is, its free under group insurance.

Happy Investing for our kids for there bright Future.
Reliance guys are innovative and proactive.


Experts said...

Hey it sounds to good to be true. what is the catch.

Anonymous said...


I am planning to invest some money in the index fund. Can you suggest something?


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