Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Start Investing Early !

Investing in any savings instruments must be done in a planned manner. You should always start investing as soon as possible. There are two friends Sachin and Vinod, Sachin was mature and way ahead of his time even when he was in 12th he started saving money by doing part time job and from his pocket money and he started investing Rs. 2000 per month in Mutual Funds. Vinod on the other hand was our regular college going student enjoying life and friends and those care free youthful days of colleges. soon after both of them graduated and Sachin told vinod about his investment plans that in 3 years from 12th to 15th, Sachin was able to save Rs. 2000 * 36 = Rs 72,000. plus some returns. Vinod also liked the idea and he also started investing Rs. 2000 per month in Diversified Equity Mutual Fund.

Both of them married happily and had kids and family and were busy in there professional life. After 20 years they met each other at IPL 2008 final match between Rajasthan Royals Jaipur and Chennai Superkings. It was such and coincidence and amazing feeling to meet your old college friends. Life is so much complicated that you really get a high when you meet your old college buddys. Vinod was dying all this years to meet Sachin and thank him for his advise that his suggestion of saving Rs. 2000 per month for 20 years at rate of 15% has generated him a kitty of Rs. 30,31,909.95 which was quite big amount and he was able to send his son for his higher education for his Masters Degree.

Sachin was equally happy and satisfied to see that his suggestion has helped someone achieve dreams. Sachin said he also had continued his plans of saving Rs. 2000 every month and now his kitty in 23years at the rate of same 15% has grown to Rs 48,33,095.72 . Vinod was pleasantly surprised to see that his friends had made Rs. 18 Lakhs more then him. even though he started just 3 years after him.

Sachin explained to him that since he was smart and wise and started investing ahead of Vinod by 3 years and that is the reason why by doing the same thing he was making Rs. 18 lakhs more then him.

Start Investing as early as possible !

NOTE: Even one month delay in investing could cost you (48,33,095.72 - 47,71,427.88 = Rs. 61,668 ) so every time you delay your investment plan to next month you are loosing big time money in long run.

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