Thursday, November 27, 2008

How much Insurance should I have in this terrorizing times in which we live in ?

Thursday 27,2008 whole of Mumbai woke up to the news of the terrorist blast and many of the prime places being occupied by terrorist including the TAJ hotel and Oberoi Hotel with number of hostages. To my utter surprise it did not create any shock or alert in my mind or body. It seems that all of Mumbaikars are just used to it. Used to bomb blast, mumbai bandh, rasta roko and all other political stuff. Can you imagine how much importance the value of life has detiriorated.

Its only if our near and dear ones are affected by such tragedies we get a reaction that too for few days and then again life comes to same old routine. It sends shivers to my mind just of thought that if I am died what would happen to my family and children. NOBODY in this world can replace a Father or a Husband or a Son. It made me feel little easy that I had taken enough Life Insurance Cover for my life so that my family will be little easy economically in case of any eventuality.

I strongly recommend each and every earning member of a House be it a Husband or a Father to have enough Life protection to PROTECT there FAMILY from the unknown terrors of this times we live in .

Thumb rule is every body should be covered bare MINIMUM for more then 60 times there monthly salary. Ideal case should be 100 times of there monthly salary if possible.

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