Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bank Customers BE AWARE of online Fraud !!!! Simple steps to prevent online theft

Today I received an email in my mail box, It looks very normal but this is a MODERN DAY LIGHT robbery. If the customer's of AXIS bank who transact online fall for it and give there login and password and even more there credit card and debit card details they will be robbed of there money.

1) Do NOT ever click on a link you receive in your email.
2) NO bank will ever ask for your password online
3) If by mistake if you open a link in the email you can verify with the webaddress displayed there will point to some other server address
4) In case you use online banking account EVEN on official site always type in the web address and you should only enter your login and password when it is secured meaning on the top you see http:// is your regular web address and https:// The 's' signifies that its secured web address

I strongly beleive that authorities should take strong action against such people and the they should make heavy penalties to the server which host such daylight robbing website.

==following is the copy of the spam email i received==

Please Confirm Your Online Banking Profile

Saturday, December 20, 2008 10:36 PM


Dear Reliable Customer,

Your online account security is important to
AXIS BANK. We confirmed a change on your banking details and if you did not authorize this change, please verify your details immediately at the secure server webform by clicking the link below...

This alert relates to your Online Banking Profile only.


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