Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dividends declared by many funds recently

Following is the list of dividends declared by Mutual fund houses in the month of June.
ICICI Pru Power (D) - 26/06/09 - 1.000
Tata Equity Opp. Fund (D) - 26/06/09 - 1.500
Franklin India Prima Fund (D) - 24/06/09 - 6.000
Birla SL Basic Industries (D) - 23/06/09 - 5.000
Birla SL Infrastructure -A (D) - 23/06/09 - 1.000
DSP-BR India T.I.G.E.R-RP(D)- 19/06/09 - 2.000
ICICI Pru Discovery Fund (D) - 19/06/09 - 1.200
ICICI Pru Growth (D) - 19/06/09 - 1.000
Principal Emerging Bluechip(D)-19/06/09 - 4.000
Sundaram Capex Oppor. (D) - 19/06/09 - 2.000
UTI Master Value Fund (D) - 15/06/09 - 2.000
UTI Mid Cap (D) - 15/06/09 - 2.000
UTI Transport & Logistics (D)- 15/06/09 - 2.000
Sundaram Fin-Ser. OppRP(D)- 12/06/09 - 1.000
Birla SL Dividend Yield (D) - 10/06/09 - 1.000
IDFC Imperial Equity - A (D)- 08/06/09 - 1.200
UTI Wealth Builder Fund (D) -08/06/09 - 0.800
Sundaram MediaOpp-RP (D) -05/06/09 - 1.000
Bharti AXA Tax Advt-Eco(D)-04/06/09 - 1.000
Bharti AXA Tax Advtg-RP(D)-04/06/09 - 1.000

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

E-filing IT returns for AY-2009-10 ;Address for submission of ITR-V

E-Filing for AY 2009-10 has been enabled for all ITR forms.

Please furnish the Form ITR-V to the Income-tax Department by mailing it to
Income Tax Department ,
CPC, Post Box No - 1,
Electronic City Post Office,
Bangalore - 560100,

within thirty days after the date of transmitting the data electronically. No Form ITR-V shall be received in any other office of the Income-tax Department or in any other manner.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Income Tax Refund Status

Following is the link to check the refund status of your Income Tax Refund. You simply have to enter your PAN CARD Number.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Assessing Current Wealth of an Individual

How to assess one's current Net worth ?
Net worth = Items of Value(Assets) - Amounts Owed(Liabilities)

The process to find out ones Net worth is first List out all the assets and the most liquid at the top (cash , bank accounts,FD, Mutual Funds) and then list out all the liabilities(credit card, bills outstanding, Taxes etc).

Liquidity is a measure of the ease with which an asset can be converted into cash or cash equivalents. The easier an asset is to convert into cash, the more liquid it is. Cash is the most Liquid asset.
Following is the table for your reference

Bank Accounts
Fixed Deposits
Cash surrender value of LIC
Cash surrender value of Annuities
Market value of Investments
Mutual Funds
Market Value of House/real Estate
Investment Property
HouseHold Furniture/Appliances
Jewelry/precious metals
Loan Receivables
Total Assets

Credit Card Balances
Bills Outstanding
Outstanding Loan Balances
Taxes Due
Total Liabilities
Net Worth (Assets - Liabilites)

Determining your Net worth is the first step in financial planning and assessing your financial wealth. Net worth is a tool for comparing the changes in your financial position over a period of time. An increase in net worth over a period of time is a favourable trend and a decrease in net worth is a deduction in wealth.
The aim should always be to increase Net Worth
  • Appreciating Assets
  • Reducing Liabilities
  • Increasing Income
  • Reducing the expenses

The relationship between current liquid assets and current liabilities indicates relative ease or difficulty in paying upcoming debts. This evaluation ratio is the current ratio and is determined as follows

Current Ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities

The other important ratio is debt ratio

Debt Ratio = Total Liabilities / Net Worth