Tuesday, July 7, 2009

UTI Mahila Unit Scheme ;Hybrid conservative balanced fund for women

Following are the marketing claims from UTI Mutual Fund and they come out to be true
  1. UTI Mahila Unit Scheme is the only Scheme which is exclusively designed for Indian women above 18 Years of age in the whole Indian Mutual Fund Industry.
  2. UTI Mahila Unit Scheme is the top performing fund in the Hybrid Debt category in the entire Mutual Fund Industry.
  3. UTI Mahila Unit Scheme has been continuously rated as a Five Star Rated Fund by Value Research online
  4. UTI Mahila Unit Scheme has won LIPPER Awards for its consistence high rated performance in the Year 2007, 2008 & 2009.
  5. Prudent Asset Allocation (Minimum 70% Debt, Maximum 30% Equity) in the Fund with a view of Safety and Consistent Returns is the hall mark of the Scheme.
  6. Lower volatility of returns and well diversified & actively managed portfolio are some of the additional feathers of UTI Mahila Unit Scheme.
  7. Superlative Performance across all Time Periods: UTI Mahila Unit Scheme is the Super performer in the Hybrid Debt Fund Category.
It has ranked First in Last One Year Performance, First in Last Five Year Performance and also is ranked First in performance since inception.

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