Thursday, August 13, 2009

Retail Subscription of NHPC is 3.8730 times Which means you will roughly be allotted 25% of shares applied for

As per the data on NSE website,NHPC LIMITED was subscribed more then 23 times of the issue, but for retail investor important piece of data is not the overall subscription but the Subscription number of Retail category which has been subscribed 3.87 times as shown below, data taken from
3 Retail Individual Investors (RIIs) 490631900 1900194450 3.8730

This means that if you will be allotted roughly 25% of number of shares applied for (100/3.87= 25%approx) .
For e.g if you have applied for full shares(2625 * 36 ) Rs 94500. Your chance of confirmed allotment is about 25% which brings to Shares in range 650 to 700.
for somebody who has applied for minimum lot of (175 * 36 = Rs 6300). There should be either lottery based allotment of 1 application for 4 applications applied, or there can be uniform allotment of 45 shares each application.

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