Thursday, October 29, 2009

Investing in Diamond Jewellery; look for a certification from a reputed institution !

Most of the people love daimond jewellery especially women love them and We all know the importance of solitaire daimond ring for engagement. Daimond jewellery be it daimond set,or a daimond ring they all have very high romantic value.

What did you say Value ? but do you know how to find out actual Value of that piece. Its always advisable to buy a certified piece of Daimond Jewellery because in this days and age there are lots and lots of duplicates and cheats out there in the market and infact the duplicates looks more beautiful then the original so in order for you not to fall for something worthless its always advisable to have a certified Jewellery.

There are various reputed institute who certifies Jewellery at a reasonable cost one of them is called GII (Gemological Institute of India ).

A typical GII certificate will look as follows.

Client Name: M/s Mehta and sons
Summary No : 9004208-10-45628-3
Description of Article: One 18k Yellow Gold Pendant Rhodium plated weighing in total 9.440 gms. with 84 Daimonds. Total estimated Daimonds weight of 1.50 cts

SHAPE/CUT : Round Brilliant
COMMENTS : Graded as mounting permits

The certificate will have an image of the Jewllery and the details of various parameters based on which you can easily find out the actual value of that Daimond Jewellery.

Happy Investing in Glittering Daimonds !

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dividend declared in Reliance Growth Fund and UTI Mastershare

Reliance Growth fund which can be counted amongst few of the the most succesful fund of all time over 10 year period and the flagship product from Reliance fund family declares dividend of 50%.
Record date : 30th Oct 2009.

UTI Mastershare one which can be counted as "lambi race ka ghoda" has declared dividend once again for 23rd time in its 23 years history. The record date is 30th Oct 2009. Dividend is 27% or Rs 2.70 per unit.

Both of the above fund can be part of ones portfolio for long term capital accumulation. Reliance growth is more aggressive and UTI Mastershare is more stable and consistent performer for so many years.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali !

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year !
May this samvat bring us more Wealth and better health !

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Best Mutual Funds in Samvat 2065 from Diwali of 2008 to Diwali of 2009

Here is the list of Best performing mutual funds from last Diwali to this Diwali in various categories.

ELSS category
  1. Can Robeco Equity Tax saver - 77%
  2. Taurus Tax Shield                   - 71%
  3. Sahara Tax Gain                     - 70%
  4. Birla SL Tax Relief 96             - 67%
  5. DBS chola Tax saver Fund     - 65%
All the above funds gave returns of over 65%+ much above the indices performance where, Nifty gave a return of around 44% while Sensex return was above 50%.

Diversified Equity Mutual Fund
  1. ICICI Pru Discovery Fund       - 96%
  2. Sundaram Smile Fund              - 85%
  3. IDFC Small and Midcap Fund - 84%
  4. Birla sun life Midcap Fund        - 83%
  5. Taurus Infrastructure Fund       -  81%

Balance Funds Equity Oriented
  1. Birla Sun Life 95 Fund           - 69%
  2. Reliance RSF Balanced         - 66%
  3. HDFC Prudence Fund          - 60%
  4. Tata Balanced Fund              - 55%
  5. Can Robeco Balanced Fund - 50%
This is 1 year performance of Mutual funds as on 14 Oct 2009, It can be used as just a reference for your investment decision for final investment decision your should consult your Financial Advisor. Its interesting to note that in the same period SILVER gave a return of 73% whereas GOLD gave a return of 34% in Samvat 2065. Even precious metals should also be part of your portfolio.

Note: Source of data is moneycontrol and economictimes