Thursday, July 29, 2010

15 years returns of SIP ; Importance of choosing the right Mutual Fund

The importance of choosing a RIGHT Mutual Fund
Following is the results of SIP Investment of Rs.5000 every month for 15 years in Best and worst Mutual Funds. Returns as on May 31,2010 (source : valueresearch)

  1. HDFC Equity Fund        - 120,17,370 (more then a crore. YES becoming crorepati is easy !)
  2. Franklin India Bluechip   -   94,87,199
  3. Magnum Multiplier         -   51,56,455

  1. Taurus Discovery       -  21,31,190
  2. LIC MF Equity         -   21,83,562
  3. JM Equity                 -   24,78,042
JUST the deciscion to select the right mutual fund can make you a HUGE difference in the long term.
I am sure nobody can predict and choose the Best Mutual Fund but they can definately select a good reliable fund based on its historical performance and increase your chances of selecting winner who will definately be amongst the top few Mutual Funds.