Friday, June 15, 2012

Top 25 companies from BSE 200 will be part of "Axis Focused 25 Fund"

Axis Mutual Fund promoted by Axis Bank is coming up with good and innovative products like Axis Triple Advantage fund which consist of Equity, Debt and Gold all in one Fund.

Now this time they are coming up with a new fund which has nothing innovative about it.
It intends to select Top performing 25 companies from the list of BSE 200 companies and will be more of a large cap oriented flavour. The idea is that large companies are less volatile at the same time they create more wealth. Hence it should be good long term fund with focus on concentrated folio of around 25 companies.

There are similar products from other AMC like Kotak 30 which selects 30 companies and has done well compared to other funds. there is other fund called JM core 11 which will invest only in 11 companies but it has failed miserable.

I would recommend that let the fund get launched and in due course say let it run for around 6 months or a year and see how it fares then we can take investment call on it, but definately we can keep 'Axis Focused 25 Fund' on the watchlist radar for sure.

Axis Focused 25 fund NFO will be open for subscriotion till 25th, June 2012.

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