Tuesday, May 20, 2014

15 years Sip returns of ICICI Top 100, SBI Magnum Multiplier, HDFC Top 200 with graphs

Sip returns of the following funds have been taken for 15 year period starting May 1999 till April 2014

If somebody invest Rs 3000 per month starting from May 1999 in following funds you can see how the funds would have grown with investments of Rs 5.4 Lakhs  (3000 * 12 months * 15 years)  to Rs 24 Lakhs in ICICI Top 100 and Rs 24 Lakhs in SBI Magnum Multiplier Fund and a whopping Rs 34 Lakhs in HDFC Top 200 Mutual Fund. 

ICICI Top 100

SBI Magnum Multiplier

HDFC Top 200

Blue line shows your Investment and Red line shows your returns.

Reference :  advisorkhoj

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