Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Home Loan EMI Refund Concept.

Many home buyers are buying property or there first Dream House via Home Loan and pay EMI every Month.

Is there a way to get all this EMI back ?

If you avail of Home Loan of 10 Lakhs for 20 years with Interest rate : 9.5% then

Monthly EMI       :Rs.          9321.31
Principal Amount : Rs. 10,00,000.00
Interest Payable   : Rs. 12,37,144.00
Total Amount       : Rs. 22,37,115.00

Now to get back your Interest Just start an SIP of 0.10% of your Home Loan aside till tenure of your Home Loan.
For Ten Lakhs do an SIP in Diversified Equity Fund of Rs.1000. for 20 years.

SIP Amount : Rs1,000
Principal Amount : Rs. 1000 * 240 months =Rs 2,40,000

Returns @15% = Rs. 14,97,239
Returns @18% = Rs. 23,43,487

So if you invest in Good Diversified Equity Funds and get 18% return you will Get Back all your Principal amount + Interest + some Gains.

Think about it. It does Work.